Chicken Joke


It's all in our name. We are a full-service local butcher shop & bakery. We are also a local market that brings together everything you need to make any event a success. We have a great selection of deli & ready to heat meals & side dishes that we prepare from scratch in-house to compliment whatever you choose from any of our cases.

We are a dynamic group of people with over a century of experience helping people make great decisions about what & where their next great meal is coming from. Whether it be helping you choose a steak or a slice of cheesecake, feeling comfortable putting your first brisket on your new smoker, or planning an event to feed a couple hundred people, we are here to help. The smile on your face as you leave our shop is important, but our favorite thing is the smile on your face as you walk back in again. Our commitment to quality is apparent in everything we do