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Local Butcher Shop in Woodstock, GA

Our business started in Woodstock, GA, as The Butcher’s Block. The butcher met the baker in 2019, taking over the business and changing the name to The Butcher and A Baker. While we’ve undergone many big changes over the years, our love of this industry and dedication to our customers will never falter. We’re committed to providing our customers with fresh meat, seafood, prepared meals as well as delicious baked goods, every day of the week.

About Kellie

Starting in 2004, Kellie was the original owner of The Butcher’s Block and is the mother of three boys, Zachary (21, managing partner in training), Jacob (20, Kennesaw State University student), and Nicholas (baseball player for Walter’s State). With a shared love of food, master griller Michael has Kellie’s heart. Kellie loves to feed people and is happiest when surrounded by family, friends, and community members.

About Sandy

From the day Kellie and Sandy met, they knew they would be great friends. In the days of The Butcher’s Block, Sandy was the general manager, meaning this friendship has been blossoming for over a decade. After leaving The Butcher’s Block, she went on to become an executive chef. Sandy is the mother of one daughter, Sam, who is a managing partner in training.

Learn More About The Butcher and A Baker

Past and new customers can learn more about the changes happening at The Butcher and A Baker by giving us a call. Whether you have questions about our prices and location or simply want to know more about our history, get in touch today!